The XL Series Wonder Arm is made of extra heavy duty solid brass components to hold any shower head easily, allowing for easy positioning high or low to any place desired. Fully adjustable 15" arm raises, lowers and extends through a 30" radius making it perfect for the whole family from the tallest NBA Player to the smallest children, great for those with special needs.  Any shower head will mount on the universal 1/2" NPT male nipple. It’s an excellent idea to combine the XL Series Wonder Arm with any of the different Wonder Shower™ Head models available.

For those that want to sit down while showering there is nothing available that will perform like any Wonder Shower™ Head combined with the XL Series Wonder Arm™. The two arm combo can be adjusted to the perfect height allowing a person to experience a Wonder Shower as though they were standing. This is an excellent way to assist in recovery from a debilitating accident that makes it impossible to shower while standing.

Create a Double Wonder Shower Combo with any Wonder Shower Head and an XL Series Wonder Arm providing previously unheard of ability to position shower spray massage to lower back aches and pains. Position spray precisely on a sore spot, turn up the hot water and massage away aches, pains and stress in a matter of minutes.

The XL Series Wonder Arm is in a category by itself not to be confused with the flimsy, light duty questionable quality extension arms available at local or big box hardware stores. You will see and feel the difference immediately when holding one - Currently available only from the Wonder Shower Company Inc. or one of our internet dealers.

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