Wonder Shower System is a Combo of adjustable Wonder Shower & a Hand Shower 

System Combo comes with the following: 

  • #1010 3- 1/2" ShowerMate™ Wonder Shower™ Head 
  • New Laser Hand Shower w/310 spray holes stainless steel Chrome finish
  • 60" brass flexi hose chrome finish
  • Solid Brass 2-Way Lever Diverter - chrome finish
  • US Std ABS Mount bracket - chrome finish
  • Rubber washers, Teflon tape, Easy to follow fully illustrated instructions - everything needed to install immediately

The Wonder Shower Head rotates 360° for directing the spray away for shampooing, conditioning, shaving face or legs. It's fully adjustable 11" extension arm swivels up or down through a 22" radius, so it can be set to the perfect height for each family member.  Amazing new Laser Hand Shower w/310 spray holes delivers a Luxurious & powerful shower spray, a very cool combo for the ultimate in convenience and versatility, making it easy for you to get water to those hard to reach places, still providing hands-free showering convenience.

Watch the Laser 310 Video and see it's amazing luxurious spray 

Do you sit while taking a shower??? Call us for a simple, perfect solution for SPECIAL NEEDS. 

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