“The Wonder Shower Company loves hearing from Customers and potential new Wonder Shower Family members!

We encourage you to call us on our toll-free number (800) 595-0385 anytime.  Wonder Shower™ customers call us all the time, sometimes to inquire about something going on with their Wonder Shower™, Sometimes to offer a suggestion of a change or addition they feel would make it an even more fabulous shower head, sometimes with suggestions of something we could do to make our customer service even better and sometimes customers will call just to tell how wonderful our shower heads are and to thank us for making the Wonder Shower™, the "best shower head ever!" 

Did you know that your Wonder Shower can be repaired? Unlike almost any other shower head available today your Wonder Shower has components that you can replace at little to no cost to you such as:

Washers and O'Rings: in the swivel joints will sometimes will wear out and begin to leak - Cost to Repair = $0.00 - Time it takes to repair = 10-15 minutes max

Hex Inlet Swivel Nut Fiber & Rubber Washers: (Washers that seal the connection to the shower pipe) Cost to Repair = $0.00 Time it takes to repair = 5-10 minutes max

Call or email us with the model Wonder Shower you own and your mailing address and we will send you a replacement seal kit for FREE. We recommend strongly that you repair any leaks or drips no matter how small in order to avoid having mineral buildup around the area that's leaking. Note: Mineral build up will eventually destroy the decorative/protective finish over the raw brass all Wonder Shower heads are constructed with. Raw brass will start turning unsightly colors; dark brown, dark green, black, red, etc. due to oxidization. 



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