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“Wetter showers”

Quick Fix / Alan J. Heavens

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Plop me in the middle of 500,000 square feet of new products and I'm like a kid in a candy store.

That's what happens every January when I spend four or five days attending the International Builders' Show.

While many of these products are of interest to builders only -- unless you really want to read about the latest in engineered roof trusses -- many others will eventually find their way to your kitchens, bathrooms, basement workshops or elsewhere in your houses.

Down Under Wonder®Shower

Some shower heads are so poorly designed that you don't even remember taking a shower five minutes after you're done showering..

Not so with the Down Under Wonder®Shower, an Australian invention that found its way to the bathroom of my Dallas hotel since I stayed there a year ago.

Remember those hot days as kids when there was a cooling thundershower in late afternoon and we ran out in our bathing suits to get drenched? The Wonder Shower is like that, except Aunt Alta isn't on the porch screaming at us about getting struck by lightning.

The 3-1/2”inch spray head showers you with 127 separate streams of water. The fully adjustable arm raises and lowers the shower head, which pivots 360 degrees, over a range of 20 inches, bringing the water to wherever you want it.

The Wonder Shower has a standard half-inch female pipe inlet so it can be installed on any standard shower fitting, according to the Wonder Shower Company Inc. of Houston, which manufactures & imports it. The only time you need a wrench is to remove the old shower head. After that's done, you'll need to clean the threads on the old arm and screw on the Wonder Shower. If you replace the old arm with a new one, the easy-to-follow instructions show you how.

The Wonder Shower is made with heavy-gauge brass, and brass lacquered, chrome plated, 24kt. Gold, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Suggested retail price for the standard chrome Wonder Shower is $69.95 and $89.95 for standard brass. The chrome Wonder Arm is $55 and the brass arm is $75.

Information: 1.800.595.0385. Web Site: www.wondershower.com

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