When the company's owner Gregg Schuller visited Australia in the 1990's, he was highly impressed by the shower heads used at his hotel. Mr. Schuller returned home, sat down at his drafting table and created the Down Under Wonder Shower brand of shower heads.

Wonder Shower Head designs incorporate the essence of the Australian shower head features he admired, along with innovative improvements, including greater adjustability, larger head, a greater number of spray holes, and quality materials and construction--making the Wonder Shower line of products the most effective and luxurious of their kind on the market.

Most people forget their shower two minutes after showering - Not so with the Wonder Shower. The 3-1/2" diameter head, with 127 spray holes, will drench you in a luxurious  down pour, turning your shower into a refreshing personal spa.

The Down Under Wonder Shower originally appeared on QVC with tremendous success.


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